Will I really be able to change the shape of the frame?

Yes, the ‘sculpting’ sliders allow you to see the frame change instantly in 3D. Each frame style has 4 areas to sculpt with each having a large impact on the look of the frame.


Do Pleye frames come with lenses?

Not currently. But opticians will happily fit prescription lenses to your Pleye frames. We also recommend some great online opticians where you can send your frames for very competitive pricing:




What if I don’t want to change the frame and it’s a perfect fit?

Happy days! Then you don’t need to do anything, simply head to your local optician to get your prescription or sunglass lenses fitted.


How do I know how much to change the size?

Pleye frames come with a measurement guide on the inside of the case. This will help guide you when adjusting the height, width and depth of the frame. Measurements in millimeters are displayed on the height, width and depth sliders.


How do I know it’s going to fit me?

The ‘home try on’ is to give you a sense of fit, so when you adjust the size online you should have a good feel for how much smaller or larger you need to go.


Will I be able to come back and repurchase the frame I’ve created? To either adjust it further or order more of the frame?

Yes, Upon ordering the custom frame you’ll receive a link to come back to your custom frame which you can use at a later date.


What if I don’t get the custom frame exactly right?

Because the custom frame is a one-off created just for you we do not offer refunds on the custom frame.


How do the hinges work? Do they fold like other eyeglass frames?

The frames are all one piece and so the hinges are a type of ‘living hinge’ that flexes to allow the temple bars to fold. The natural flex of the hinges mean that the frame arms hug your face nicely.


What are they made from?

Nylon, 3D printed and hand finished with natural coatings.


Can I order multiple frames to try on?

Yes but you will need to purchase them all and return the ones not wanted, all costs excluding delivery costs will be refunded.


Where can I go if I want to try on frames before customizing?

Our list of retailers will be coming soon. Watch this space!


What if I don’t like the frame upon ordering ‘home try on’?

Surely not!? But if doesn’t suit you as much as you’d hoped we provide a return envelope for you to send it back (only for ‘home try on’ not for customized frames) and a refund will be granted.

We have a 14 day returns policy for all ‘home try-ons’.